LDS Singles Cruise Sept. ’14

Join this LDS Singles Cruise to the Caribbean! 

September 21 – 28, 2014

Registration for this trip is now closed.  
Our next LDS Singles Cruise is in March 2015.  Click for all the details!

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This tour grouPic 3p is specifically reserved as an LDS Singles Cruise.  Come with your friends and meet plenty of new ones!  Our group will be comprised of LDS Singles with like minded LDS values and standards.  Past participants stay in touch and continually get together many times after the cruise!  Click Here to read what others are saying about this trip.

IMG_0352This amazing LDS Singles Book of Mormon Cruise will take you to some of the ancient Mayan ruins in Mexico and Belize.  These Mayan cities date back thousands of years and show evidence of the cultures, religious beliefs, and traditions which are similar to those found in the Book of Mormon.  We are going to tour these sites with the Book of Mormon in mind.  While on board the ship, enjoy lectures relating to the Book of Mormon.  Witness the Book of MorPic 4mon come to life in ways you never imagined. Learn more out what we teach while on this trip by visiting our blog.

The world-class ship we travel on has all the amazing amenities for you to enjoy including endless food options, basketball/volleyball courts, dance floor, outdoor movies, mini golf, pool and deck parties, stage shows, live music, Guy’s Burger Joint, 6 hot tubs, pools, water slide, free room service, non stop entertainment, and so much more!

Join us on our group excursions listed below or arrange to go with a smaller group to do something else!  Make sure you don’t miss our trip to West Bay Beach on Roatan Island where we will have tons of activities available for just our group.

Take a look at our video to preview this trip.



We depart from Miami, Florida aboard the Carnival Conquest. The ship leaves at 4:00pm, don’t be late! After dinner, we will meet for a fireside and a preview of what we are going to be seeing and doing throughout the week.



We will be at Sea all day today. The cruise ship is full of world class amenities and dining options for you to indulge yourself with.  We will also have several group activities for you to join.  A conference room is booked just for us! We will be using the room for group activities and a seminar on the similarities between the Book of Mormon and the Mayan culture.


Our cruise ship will dock in beautiful Cozumel, Mexico . We will spend our time with a local LDS tour guide visiting the picturesque ancient city of Tulum. This is great spot for Book of Mormon enthusiasts! The city of Tulum is covered in depictions of the Mayan religious beliefs that correlate with the religious beliefs taught in the Book of Mormon. Tulum is home to the Temple of the Descending God.  There will probably have time to enjoy a swim in the ocean just beneath the huge walls of Tulum, and to do some shopping, for those interested.

Check out the video to the left of a LDS Singles group at Tulum!

This excursion is purchased in addition to the cruise fare. The excursion price of $99 per person and includes transportation, lunch, entrance fees, and personal tour guides providing an LDS perspective of the ruins. The trip to Tulum can be purchased any time prior to the cruise or until the tour is full. Contact us and make sure you don’t miss this trip! 


Once docked at Belize City , Belize we will start our amazing journey to the ruins of Lamanai.  This is our #1 rated shore excursion!  These ruins date back well over 2000 years and clearly carry a unique Book of Mormon name. If you ever wanted to be Indiana Jones, now is your chance. To reach the ruins of Lamanai, you must travel on a spectacular boat ride up the New River through the jungles of Belize. You’ll be sure to spot tropical birds, monkeys, and perhaps a crocodile before arriving at this ancient city. We will visit the Jaguar Temple (which has a lot of LDS themed significance), and the Lag Temple where you will be able to climb 125 feet to the top and gain an unforgettable view of the whole Lamanai ruins, New River Lagoon, and the vast Lamanai Archeology Reserve. The small onsite museum where our Lamanai exploration begins is home to artifacts spanning well over 2000 years of Mayan History. We will also relax and enjoy an amazing Belizean lunch which is included.

Check out the video on the left of this incredible trip!

This excursion is purchased in addition to the cruise fare. The excursion price of $99 is per person and includes transportation, lunch, entrance fees, and personal tour guides. The trip to Lamanai can be purchased any time prior to the cruise or until the tour is full. Contact us and make sure you don’t miss this trip!



Today we relax on the beautiful tropical island of Roatan, Honduras.  This is where the jungle meets a powder-sand beach with crystal clear water.  West Bay Beach is claimed to be one of the best beaches in all the Caribbean.  Crystal clear warm water makes this a perfect spot for snorkeling.  Everyone will have a reserved lounge chair.  We will have group activities, volleyball, beach games, kayaking, and more!  Snorkeling gear is available for rent, or you can bring your own.  A beach side barbecue is available for a reasonable price, or take a quick break from the beach and return to the ship for a free lunch.  Make sure you don’t miss this incredible day at the beach!

Join all the single adults of our group for this amazing all-day-long time at the beach!  Admittance to this group trip to West Bay Beach can be purchased for $45 any time prior to the cruise or until the tour is full.  Contact us and make sure you don’t miss this trip.


Today we will dock in beautiful Costa Maya, Mexico.  We have two trips to choose from!

Trip 1:  We have arranged for a local, LDS tour guide to take us away to the ancient Mayan city of Chacchoben. These ruins date back to 200 B.C. and excavation of this site is fairly recent giving us a unique chance to really step back in time and feel the magic of a hidden Book of Mormon era city.  This trip includes entrance fees, transportation, and personal tours guides.  $89 per person.  There will be time to enjoy the beach after visiting these ruins.  This excursion can be purchased any time prior to the cruise or until the tour is full. Contact us and make sure you don’t miss this trip!  

Trip 2: Snorkeling Adventure.  On this excursion, you will board a boat which will take you to the best secluded snorkeling sites along the coast.  You will have approximately 45 minutes to snorkel over a reef and see colorful fish and beautiful coral formations.  Spend the next two hours on the gorgeous white sand beach.  This trip includes transportation, personal guides, and all the snorkeling equipment.  $65 per person.  This excursion can be purchased any time prior to the cruise or until the tour is full.  Lunch is not included with this trip.  Contact us and make sure you don’t miss this trip!

Both trips will end with enough time to do some shopping, lay at the beach, or at one of the free swimming pools near the ship pier.



We will be at Sea all day traveling toward back toward the United States. There will be plenty of time to enjoy all that the ship has to offer including plenty of time to relax!  We have a conference room booked just for us this day.  We will be using the room again for more group activities and another optional Book of Mormon seminar.


Our ship docks back at Miami, Florida at 8:00am

Registration is now closed.  Please visit for details of our March 2015 LDS Singles Cruise!

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Interior Room Prices: Prices are per person
4 sharing a room: $349
3 sharing a room: $389
2 sharing a room: $469
Gov’t Fees/Taxes $125.08
Pay for just the cruise now to secure your spot with our group.  Shore excursions do not need to be paid for until September 1, 2014!

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Booking Requirements: Pay just the price of the cruise, and the tax, upon registration.  Payment for the shore excursions are not due until August 15, 2014. Reservations for the shore excursions are not made until payment for the shore excursions are paid.  Shore excursions can be purchased up until the time of the cruise, or until the shore excursions are full.  You must book your cruise through Living Heritage Tours in order to participate in our singles activities, shore excursions, and to dine with the group.

Join Tom Pettit and have fun learning about the evidence of what you have always known to be true on this incredible Book of Mormon/LDS Singles Cruise.  Tom has become a student of the information taught on this and other LDS Church history tours.  He has become a student of the Mayan civilization and the Book of Mormon by devoting several hundreds of hours to studying.  Tom has been teaching the gospel to youth and adults continuously for the last 15 years by serving as a youth Sunday School teacher, an Elders Quorum presidency councilor, Ward Young Men’s Presidency councilor, Stake Young Men’s Presidency councilor, Gospel Doctrine teacher, Mission Prep class teacher, and counselor in the Bishopric. Tom served his mission in Australia. He and his wife Lesa have four children and live in Lehi, UT.  To learn more about Tom Pettit, please visit our Blog page.

Terms and Conditions:  All Rates are per person and are based on room occupancy.  Email us for a firm quote for all activities.

Additional Charges: Advertised cruise rates do not include shore excursions, airfare, or gratuities.  Shore excursions are priced per person and can be purchased up until the beginning of the cruise or until full.  

Passports: Passports are highly recommended, but not required, for this cruise.  Passports can take up to 8 weeks to arrive so please plan ahead.  If you don’t have a passport, a certified birth certificate and a government issued photo ID will be required.

LDS Standards:  LDS standards of dress, language, and behavior are expected.

Space for this trip will sell out so book soon!

Here’s what others are saying about our LDS Singles Book of Mormon Cruise:

“A once in a lifetime experience”  |  “It was one of the most fun, most memorable weeks of my life”  |  “It was fun, organized, and good way to experience places you may not ever have a chance to otherwise visit”  |  “It is an experience that will never be forgotten”  |  “I hope that I can go again!”  |  “Fascinating! I loved it!”  |  “It’s worth every penny!”  |  “Take the opportunity while you have it”  |  “Amazing trip!”  |  “Some of the best memories I’ll have!”  |  “A unique and incredible experience!”  |  “We all could have listened to hours more of your seminars.  They were informative, interesting, and tied little things together that we’ve known for a long time in ways we may never have put together ourselves.”  |  “The tour guides were exceptional.”  |  “I loved the quality of people in our group. It made the sea days enjoyable and fun.”  |  “I never felt like a moment went by that I wasn’t getting my moneys worth from the trip.”  |  “I would suggest this cruise to all of my friends!”  |  “The hours of unseen preparation was felt in every part of the trip.”  |  “I love reading the scriptures but this trip has really piqued my interest in the Book of Mormon. It has brought them to life in a way I have not felt before.”  |  “I couldn’t imagine cruising or seeing the ruins any other way.”  |  “Great experience! I would highly recommend it to anyone!”  |  “Very fun, very relaxed, great people, beautiful sights!”  |  “When can we go again?”  |  “My desire to read the Book of Mormon has increased due to the things learned on the cruise.”  |  “Awesome! Definitely worth going!”  |  “It was very cool to see things you had read a million times in the scriptures actually start making sense and meaning something to you.”  |  “Being able to climb on the ruins and have a tour guide who knew what he was talking about really was awesome.”