Hear the stories told on our Church History Tours while being guided virtually through the sites of the Restoration.

At these Virtual Church History Tours, we create an experience as if we were actually at the historic church history sites together.  You will hear the same stories that are shared on LDS Church History Tours while viewing pictures and videos from the sites.

Hear the same history, doctrine, and stories shared on our church history tours without traveling to the Restoration sites.  Tom Pettit, owner and tour guide of Living Heritage Tours, will conduct these lectures as though  we were actually at the sites of the Restoration.

Our lectures are presented in sequence but you may attend any you would like.  Attendance is free.


A Revolution for a Restoration:  Witness Heavenly Father’s hand in establishing America as a place where he could restore the gospel.
Palmyra: We explore the history and stories of the hill Cumorah, Grandin’s Press, the Palmyra Cemetery, the Smith Family Farm, the Sacred Grove, and the Palmyra Temple.
Fayette & Susquehanna: Sites of the organization of the church, the three witnesses, the translation of the Book of Mormon, the restoration of the priesthood, the first baptisms, and many sacred revelations.
Kirtland:  The fascinating story of Kirtland begins with four traveling missionaries who baptize hundreds of people.  Sixty-five sections of the Doctrine & Covenants were received in or around Kirtland,Ohio.  The Savior personally appeared at least twenty seven different times during the Kirtland period and the Father appeared at least four times.  It was in Kirtland that the Lord poured out doctrine and organization upon the Prophet and the Saints, in addition to divine manifestations to many.
Missouri: See the pieces of Church History come together as we discuss the correlation between the events of Independence, Far West, Liberty Jail, Adam-ondi-Ahman, Hawn’s Mill, and the Extermnation Order.  Tom will take us through the all important, but often misunderstood events of 1831-1839.  Hear the stories and the history of this pivotal time in church history.
Adam-ondi-Ahman:  What happened at Adam-ondi-Ahman?  What will happen there?  Come hear what the prophets have said.
Nauvoo:  Peace, happiness, and prosperity were finally realized at least for a moment.
Carthage Jail: Witness the last 30 days of the prophet’s life before he sealed his blood as a martyr.


Can’t attend the live presentation of the Virtual Church History Tours?  Click Here at 6:50pm the night of the presentation to watch a livestream of the event.

Questions and Answers

Is it really free?  Yes.  There is nothing to buy.

Where are the lectures held?  The Jordan Event Center: 9112 South Redwood Road, West Jordan, UT 84088 (Behind the office of Cruise Lady).  All lectures begin at 7:00pm.

How do we register?  Click here to register.  We would like to have an idea of how many people to expect for each lecture, but registration is not necessary.

What do we wear?  Casual dress.

Can children come?  Of course.  All ages are welcome.

I understand that so many members of the Church wish they could visit these sites even once.  I often hear that people want to go and experience these special places and I have often wondered how I can make Virtual Church History Tours available to more people.  I think this provides a great solution to include more people in experiencing these special places. – Tom Pettit