“Great seminars that were well prepared.  Our Book of Mormon Cruise was excellent in all aspects.  We felt the seminars that you did helped prepare us for what we were going to see.  Understanding the lands of the Book of Mormon helped make it come alive for us!  We gained tremendous insight to the Book of Mormon that could not have been gained without excellent seminars and guides!  This trip was tremendous for our family to come together and feast on the spirit as we were taught from the Book of Mormon.  Each one of our family members left with a new excitement and desire to better focus on the Book of Mormon.  I have added a new dimension to my passion of the Book of Mormon.  I would say it should be on everyone’s bucket list. I am looking forward to going again!”

– Robert

“The Book of Mormon has come alive as we now study about the Nephites.  We can better imagine what life experiences they refer to and how that relates to us today.”

– Julene

“Well worth it.  (My son) feels that he has a better understanding of the Book of Mormon to go out and be a missionary.”


“This trip is something that everyone should earnestly strive to accomplish in their lifetime.  Tom made these ruins come alive by describing all that is known both secular and religious in a personal way that is meant to uplift and inspire.  Prior to the trip, my 14 year old was having a difficult time visualizing the stories of the Book of Mormon.  In a small testimony meeting after the trip, he made mention of the confirming spirit he felt while at the sites and how he knew the Book of Mormon was real.  This trip was a perfect balance of lecture/information and relaxation.  I would definitely book my next trip with Living Heritage Tours.”

– Steve

“It would definitely be something I would do again.”

– Russ

“I wanted to thank you for organizing a great tour of Lamanai, Chacchoban and Tulum.  Your orientation on ship was great to help me understand a bit more of what I would be seeing at these ruins.  It was really interesting and I thought the guides did a great job, too, telling us so many interesting things about the Mayans.  This will be an experience that will be with me the rest of my life.  I feel that when I now read in the Book of Mormon, the places will “come alive” as I can visualize country conditions the ancients may have experienced.”

– Cathy

“Awesome!  You did great with our group!”   Clarice


“This trip blew my mind.  I recommend anyone to think about going to see for themselves the things we did. We really enjoyed it. The things we saw and learned has wet our appetite, so much so, that we have already ordered several books to further our learning and exploration. Amazing!”   Ryan


“We have already told our friends how great it was.”   LaRay


“It was wonderful to be pampered on the cruise and yet having a spiritual experience to go along with it. It was just what I wanted for my family and I was not disappointed. I feel that it helped all of us to strengthen our testimonies of the Book of Mormon.  I can’t say enough how pleased I was for my family to have this experience.”   Wanda


“This trip actually exceeded what we expected. It was AMAZING!  We had a lot of fun during the discussions and we learned so many things we have not even thought of before.  Loved, Loved, Loved the tours! Wish we could have had more time. Loved seeing the temples and all the symbolism that goes along with our beliefs. It really made the Book of Mormon come to life! We absolutely loved it!  We would recommend it to anyone.  It was a lot to take in but we learned so many cool things and it really made the Book of Mormon come to life. We hope to book another trip with you! It was so much fun!”   Julie and Bryan


“It was amazing to see so many ruins, and it was great to learn from the tour guides as well as each other.”  Amy


“This trip fulfilled a life long goal of visiting these ruins. As we were able to touch and walk about these cities and temples we could fill the spirit of the people that built them. To be there and ponder what it would have been like to witness the teachings of Christ is a feeling I will never forget.   My study of the Book of Mormon will be enhanced forever with what we experienced.” Rex


“We felt we absolutely got a great value from our trip!  We thoroughly enjoyed the presentations and our discussions.  The information was fantastic and got us more excited about studying the scriptures.  I so appreciate the time and effort you have so obviously put into this!  I have already recommended this to everyone I’ve spoken to!  I learned SO much! SO MUCH!  It was truly inspiring.”  Leah and Eric


“This trip showed me the reality of the Book of Mormon.  I knew it was true from the Spirit (and have learned many truths from it) but now it is REAL!!”  Ruthanne and Stephen


 “This was a great trip–I will never read the Book of Mormon the same after being in these places and having studied Book of Mormon geography.”  Todd


“I have already told several friends that we had an excellent time with a great group led by a fantastic guide.  We had a great time and are pleased we were able to be guided by you on this tour. Your interest and even passion for the themes discussed kept our attention and thirst for knowledge at a high level. Very well done, Tom!”  Clark


“Worth every penny we spent.  A lot of tour guides have a attitude and act all knowing.  We enjoyed the fact you let others speak and respected them. You allowed the group to set the direction of discussions and respected person thoughts and opinions.”  Todd


“It was awesome!  Worth every penny!  Three home runs back to back.”  Andy