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Church History Tour


It’s worth every penny! Take the opportunity while you have it!! Amazing trip!


“A great guide.”

Thanks for putting together the vacation of a lifetime. It’s amazing how complete strangers come together so well with one known commonality…the gospel.


“Well planned.”

The tour was well planned and implemented. This provided the environment for fun and fellow shipping and testimony building. Well done, Tom! Very enjoyable. Well worth our investment.

-Frank and Sandy


It was a life-changing experience for me, and I would recommend anyone and everyone to do it! It not only solidified my testimony of the Book of Mormon, but it made those stories I’ve heard my whole life really come alive to me!


Youth Tour

“A great guide.”

Great trip! My son learned a lot and had a wonderful time. The excellent communication beforehand helped me not to worry since I knew exactly where he would be each day.



It’s AWESOME!!! I would definitely recommend it and I hope my younger siblings go! I could feel the spirit of God like a fire burning inside me and it changed my life for the better.


“So amazing..”

This trip is one of the best things you will ever do. It will strengthen your testimony. It is so amazing and fun. If you have the opportunity to go on this trip you really should. Tom is amazing!!!


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Hear the stories and read the revelations at the actual sites where they took place.Be taught while traveling and while visiting sacred sites by historical guides, set apart missionaries, and each other. We won’t just talk about the history of these places, but how the stories of the past can help us draw closer to the Savior in our everyday lives!

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