See the Sacred Sites.  Hear the Inspiring Stories.

Virtually go to the Sacred Grove, Hill Cumorah, the banks of the Susquahanna River, Nauvoo, the Kirtland Temple, Carthage Jail, and many of the other wonderful sacred Church History sites.  You’ll hear every story that is told on our traditional Church History tours, as if you were actually there!

Our Virtual Church History Tour videos are currently in production, but we are almost finished!  If you would like to be notified when the videos are complete and ready for viewing, just complete the form and an email will be sent to you when the videos are available.

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Hear the same history, doctrine, and stories shared on our church history tours without traveling to the Restoration sites.  Tom Pettit, owner and tour guide of Living Heritage Tours, will conduct these virtual church history tours as though you are actually at the sites of the Restoration with him.


Below is a listing of some of our virtual church history tours that are almost ready for viewing:


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Palmyra.  The very name stirs emotion in the heart of every Latter-day Saint. This is where it all started. It was here in Palmyra and the surrounding area where the most sacred events of the Restoration took place.  And for many, the events that happened here creates the foundation of our testimony of Jesus Christ and His restored gospel.  I’ll take you to the Sacred Grove, Hill Cumorah, Grandin’s Print Shop, the Smith Family Farm, and the other historic sites in and around Palmyra.  I’ll also teach the history of these events by diving deep into the Joseph Smith History, telling stories about Moroni’s visits and the coming forth of the Book of Mormon, and a lot of other enjoyable stories that happened here, in sacred Palmyra.


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On a simple 13-acre plot of land in Harmony, Pennsylvania, with the Susquehanna River on one end and a grove of trees on the other, some of the most remarkable events in Church History occurred.  Here, most of the Book of Mormon was translated, fifteen sections of the Doctrine and Covenants were received, John the Baptist restored the Aaronic Priesthood, Joseph and Oliver would be baptized, and many other sacred events would take place.  Nearby, Peter, James, and John would confirm the Melchizedek Priesthood.  Of Harmony, Oliver Cowdery would say, “These were days never to be forgotten”.  Every member of the Church has a special connection to this sacred area.  I’ll show you how, by telling you the stories and teaching from the revelations which were received here.


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The Peter Whitmer Farm in Fayette, New York!  This the site of the official organization of the Church of April 6, 1830.  Prior to that date, some very special events took place here, such as the completion of the translation of the Book of Mormon, and the experience of the Three Witnesses gaining their testimony of the Book of Mormon.  The miracles that occurred here on this farm are evidences that this work is the work of the Lord.


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While dedicating the sacred historic sites in Kirtland, Ohio, President Hinkley would include in that dedicatory prayer, “In no other area was so much revelation received.  In no other place was Thy Beloved Son so revealed to mortal man.  In no other place was there such remarkable manifestations given to so many.”  I’ll show you the places and tell you the stories of these remarkable manifestations. Included is the Kirtland Temple, Newell K. Whitney home and store, School of the Prophets, Johnson Farm, Morley Farm, and other sites near historic Kirtland.

Kirtland Temple

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With pain and suffering, the faith of the Saints would be tested in Missouri.  In opposition to all that is right, the local Missourians from the local neighbor, judges, sheriffs, and even the state’s governor, would act in deceit as they harassed the Saints from their homes and chased them from the State. Tragedy would be the theme of Missouri.  But in those tragedies came blessings, and encouragement to remain faithful.  Our blessing today is to see the hand of the Lord as he helped those poor Saints.  Most notably, we are beneficiaries of the lessons that came from Joseph’s stay at the Liberty Jail.  I’ll take you through the sites of Missouri and tell the stories of faith and courage.  Included is Independence, Liberty Jail, Far West, Haun’s Mill, and Adam-ondi-Ahman.


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Nauvoo was a happy time and a happy place for the Saints.  They flourished here economically, socially, and spiritually.  So many stories of so many wonderful and faithful members of the Church.  Nauvoo is a still a special place that comes alive each Summer.  I’ll tell the stories and take you on a virtual tour of the historic homes and sites that can be visited today.

Carthage Jail

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Bonus Videos


The True Stories of Porter Rockwell
Emma Smith: Hero of the Restoration
Those Who Knew: The Witnesses of the Book of Mormon


These videos are not intended to comprise a complete history of the Church.  These videos contain all the stories one would hear while visiting the Church Historical Sites today, with additional commentary and stories from Tom Pettit.


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“Going on the church history tour with Tom Pettit was the most rewarding experience I could have imagined.  Tom taught us so much and we were filled with the Spirit daily.  My children and I found it to be life-changing.  It was truly an inspired decision to choose Living Heritage Tours. I would go again in a heartbeat if it were the same tour exactly!”

– Georgia from Utah

“We could not more highly recommend Living Heritage Tours. Our Church history tour was beyond wonderful and everything that we hoped it would be. Tom Pettit has great knowledge and deep appreciation and testimony for early Church history. He was the perfect guide. We are so glad we chose Living Heritage Tours.”

– Scott and Rachael from Arizona

“Having never been on a group tour before, we found this one to be beyond our expectations! It was well organized, time sensitive at each stop, informative, accommodations wonderful. We would highly recommend our friends and family to go.”

– Paul and Kelley from Nevada

“I have read this – I have taught this (seminary teacher – 8 years; youth leader; etc.) – and now I have literally lived it!  It was a wonderful experience. I am so grateful I was able to go with Tom Pettit and Living Heritage Tours.”

– Norma from Canada

“We loved every minute of it. The stories Tom told were so interesting and informative.  We were able to see the places we have heard about all our life and we finally got to see it for real!  A wonderful opportunity. We appreciate all the research Tom put into church history and how knowledgeable he was on all the sights. We loved having Tom as our guide!”

– Neil & Jean from Utah

“Tom Pettit was wonderful he was more than just a tour guide he was part of the group as a friend and family member. It was truly a spiritual and educational experience he took us back in time. We have grown to love Joseph and Hyrum Smith and the early saints. Thank you so much for this wonderful experience.  It was so great that I would do it again with friends and family.”

– Laura from Wyoming

“”Do yourselves a favor and book on Living Heritage Tours with Tom Pettit! I have a testimony of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I know that Joseph Smith restored the Church through the Priesthood and direction given him by the Father and Son. I know the early members of the church were incredible people filled with integrity. But now to have walked where they walked, visited the places where they lived, been in the homes in which they resided, and lived vicariously through the tour given by Tom Petitt with Living Heritage Tours, my understanding has grown by leaps and bounds. Tom has an easy manner that makes it enjoyable and relaxed to be on his tours. It is evident that he has done a great amount of study and research into church history – the stories he shared with us were so rich in content; I wanted to memorize every word. My gratitude for this rich heritage we have been given is so humbling. Thank you for this lovely experience that I will hold dear forever.”  Christopher and Connie from Arizona

“The whole experience exceeded our expectations.”  Kevin and Sheri from Utah

“Better then expected!  You were awesome.  Kept it light and funny all while maintaining the Spirit.  I gained such a greater love for the gospel and the sacrifices so many made to allow us to have the privilege to walk in their footsteps and feel of the love they had for this gospel.  Even though I had taken another tour many years previously, I was amazed at the Spirit that I felt and the continued knowledge of the gospel I learned while on this adventure.”  Becky from Utah

“Much more value than I expected!!! I loved the “on-bus” and “on-site” lectures VERY much!! We were so prepared for each site that we saw because of your lectures.”  Marilyn from California

“Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. It was better than we expected, even though we had seen many of these sites before.  This trip helped us make connections with our ancestors, gave new meaning to church history because we have a better visual of how things happened, and it improved our testimonies.”  Gordon & Linda from California

“Exceeded expectations in every way possible!!!  It’s the best thing we have ever done!!! We were spiritually fed every day and also had a ton of fun!! Tom, YOU made the trip memorable!!! Your knowledge of church history and all the stories are amazing!!! The tour was such a blessing for Mike and me!!! You make church history and those early saints come alive!!  Mike & Susie from California

“I had a blast on our trip and learned so much.  Every time I now read or hear about Joseph Smith and the early saints of the church I have a little reminder of the places that we have seen and the feelings felt there.  It reaffirms my testimony every time.  I am so grateful for the experience.  I love this tour and if someone is thinking about visiting the church history sites, they should definitely do a guided tour with Tom Pettit.”  Andrea from Utah

“The tour was well planned and implemented. This provided the environment for fun and fellow shipping and testimony building. Well done, Tom!  Very enjoyable. Well worth our investment.”  Frank and Sandy from Utah

“I don’t know how anyone could be the same after walking in the sacred grove.” Ardie from Canada

“Very good! I appreciated the cronilogical order or events. You are very knowledgeable. I learned so much and my testimony of the restoration has been strengthened. Every sight was a highlight for me. I did love being right where the restoration took place. I plan to go again because I want to continuing learning.” Kelly from Utah

“This was my first experience with a traveling with a tour group. Being a single sister I felt very safe and comfortable the entire time. It was so refreshing to be with good L D S people to get to know and visit with. The hotels were very comfortable, the bus was so nice to relax in and enjoy the sights and leave the driving to someone else. The food was great everywhere we went. I recommend this trip to everyone . Loved it.” Karen from California

“This was a journey that touched my heart in many ways, such an enjoyable, memorable, special experience for me.  If there is anyone out there who has been wanting to take a church history tour I would say “don’t hesitate”…this trip is awesome, something I will love and treasure always!  Tom, you were amazing…..thanks for everything!!”  L.A. from Utah

“I enjoyed all you shared with us. You did a great job and I want to thank you so very much!” Kay from Alaska

“Keep up the good work!” Bill & Rhonda from Utah

“I keep hearing in my mind the song,” I walked today where Jesus walked”. To know that I stood in places the Lord was and the revelations that were given in those places to our Prophet, seemed surreal. I have a better understanding now of the scriptures and a greater love for the hardships that the pioneers went through to make this all happen so the Church could go forth and grow. There is no amount of money that could have been paid for what I saw and heard on this Church History Tour. Your knowledge of the history was amazing to hear. I appreciate your efforts to make this such a fun and spiritual tour.  GO ON THIS TOUR!!” Joan from Canada

“It was MUCH greater than my expectations! Loved your stories! Do not miss this if it is at all possible to go!!!” Ada from Washington

“This trip was one of the greatest experiences I’ve had.  It was wroth every dollar I spent on it.”  Sarah

“It is an experience that will never be forgotten.”  Heidee

“The scriptures will mean so much more to me. My testimony of Joseph Smith and the events involved in the reorganization of our church has impacted my life. I can’t even begin to admire and respect enough all the women who went through so much.” Norma

“It was interesting and very cool to see things you had read a million times in the scriptures actually start making sense and meaning something to you.  I had a lot of favorites of the trip, really the trip as a whole will be a favorite.  From day one all the way to getting home, there was something to remember.  Thank you for all the time and effort you put into this trip and everything you did to prepare for it.”  Natalie

“It was great! You were great. Very well put together and I loved the stories and history.” Helen from Washington

“My testimony was strengthened and my love for the pioneers increased.”

“It’s worth every penny!  Take the opportunity while you have it!!  Amazing trip!”  Mandy

“Our smaller group seemed to cause a stress-free, personalized atmosphere.” Adelia from California

“I spoke with a few people about this and we all agreed that we could have listened to hours more of your lectures seminars.  They were informative, interesting, and tied little things together that we’ve known for a long time in ways we may never have put together ourselves.  I never felt like a moment went by that I wasn’t getting my moneys worth from the trip.  It was one of the most fun, most memorable times of my life.  The hours of unseen preparation was felt in every part of the trip.  The information presented had countless hours of study behind it.”  Tamesa

“Thank you, thank you, thank you!”  Kalie

“Top of the list!  Definitely referring it to my friends!”  Jonathan

“Exceeded expectations!!!”  Tom

“It was a spectacular trip that allowed me to make memories to last a lifetime.”  David

“Seriously, a life changing experience!”  Ashlee

“I learned so much!  It has made me want to know more and more.”  Aracely

“I really appreciate all the work you’ve done behind the scenes to provide us with the perspective you have.” Blake

“Your attitude and energy was if this was your first time.  Can’t thank you enough Tom!” Mitch

“Thank you for such an awesome trip and experience!” Charles

“It was fantastic and I would recommend it to everyone.” Melisa

“It was a life-changing experience for me, and I would recommend anyone and everyone to do it! It not only solidified my testimony of the Book of Mormon, but it made those stories I’ve heard my whole life really come alive to me!”  Sam

“Thanks for putting together the vacation of a lifetime.  It’s amazing how complete strangers come together so well with one known commonality…the gospel.”  David

“This was a great and amazing experience.”  Julie

“I spent more than I ever have on a vacation, but still couldn’t believe everything we were able to experience in terms of quality and quantity for what I paid! Loved every bit of it!”  Sam

“Absolutely amazing!  Do not miss!!!”

“I had a fantastic time.”  Caroline

“Tom, thank you for your work, your time, your personality, your laughter, and all that you have done for us to make this an incredible vacation with unforgettable experiences.”  Kimberley

“Such an amazing adventure!” Jessica

“Thank you for making this trip extremely enjoyable.”  Cheri

“Tom, thank you for the amazing tour and all the new information we learned.  The trip was amazing and unforgettable!” Natasha

“LOVED all the insights Tom shared! He made it all come to life for me!”  Sam

“Tom, thank you for such a memorable trip!  I hope to do this again.” Lindsay

“Had a great time!”  Monica

“It’s a must do!  One for the bucket list.  It was spiritually uplifting as well as being informative.”  Dustin

“It was AMAZING!! I loved it SO Much and recommend it to everyone!!”

“Tom, thank you so much for making this the BEST vacation ever!”  Sarah

“Thank you for this life changing experience!  You’ve more then peaked my interest in studying what you’ve taught.” Anna

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“Thank you so very much for a really, truly unforgettable experience.  My testimony of the Book of Mormon was strengthened because I could feel the Spirit and felt the power of the Book.  Thank you, you are awesome!” Sam

“Tom, thank you for everything you have done for this tour.  This was amazing!”  Lindsay

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“Tom, thank you so much for putting this whole trip together!  It has been the best time of my life!”  Tiffany