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Experience Palmyra, Kirtland, Washington DC, Nauvoo, and Missouri on this incredible Church History Tour for Youth

June 8 – 18, 2022

*Space Still Available*

Church History Tour for YOUTH

Stand Ye In Holy Places

 ~~ WITNESS the Restoration, Doctrine & Covenants, and Church History come alive as you hear the stories and read the revelations at the actual sites where they took place!

We will visit all the sites of the Restoration, but we won’t just focus on the dates, locations, and events that occurred at each historical site.  We are going to focus on how the lessons learned at each site can help us in our everyday life grow closer to the Savior.  EXPERIENCE the spirit of these sacred sites during this once-in-a-lifetime spiritual and testimony building experience

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Our Youth Church History Tour begins in Kansas City, Missouri and ends in Rochester, New York.  Attendees can fly with the group from Salt Lake City or meet the group in Kansas City. This arrangement allows youth from all over the country to attend this special LIFE CHANGING ADVENTURE! You will travel with historical guides, hear from set-apart missionaries, feel the Spirit, and witness the Restoration come alive in your own life! We make sure that we learn a lot and have a ton of fun along the way.

Below is a brief outline of the trip. Click the link below for a more detailed itinerary.


June 8:  The journey begins! For those departing from Salt Lake City, we will travel as a group.  For those traveling from another part of the country, we will make arrangements to meet you at the Kansas City airport.  By flying, we eliminate 47 hours on the bus and 5 days of traveling the plains!  Tonight, we will visit the Independence Visitors’ Center and Liberty Jail. Group travel
June 9: Today we will start the Missouri portion of our trip.  We will visit Far West.  We will also visit Adam-ondi-Ahman where we will discuss the great future Sacrament meeting which will be held there.  As we travel between these sites, we will listen on the bus about the Mormon Battalion, Zion’s Camp, and the Pioneers.  We will arrive in Nauvoo later today. IMG_1540
June 10: Our full day in Nauvoo will be spent visiting the historic sites and homes with tours given by set apart missionaries.  Some of the sites we will see today include Joseph Smith’s home and grave site, the Red Brick Store, the Visitors’ Center, the Women’s Statue Gardens, the Seventies Hall, Brigham Young’s home, Wilford Woodruff’s home, Heber C. Kimball’s home, and many other historic sites.  In addition to the historic sites, we will also attend The Promise, a stage production put on by the Young Performing Missionaries.  Our day will end by attending Sunset on the Mississippi. nauvoo-mormon-temple
June 11: This morning we will visit Carthage Jail where Joseph and Hyrum sealed their testimonies as martyrs.  Then it is back to Nauvoo for a walk down the Trail of Hope. This is the street that the Saints walked just before crossing the Mississippi River.  It was here that the Pioneers took their first steps toward the Salt Lake Valley. Carthage
June 12:  Our morning begins by attending Sacrament Meeting with a local ward in Ohio. The rest of the day will be spent in sacred Kirtland, Ohio. Our first stop in Kirtland will be a tour of the interior of the Kirtland Temple.  It was here that the Savior appeared to Joseph and Oliver.  Moses, Elias, and Elijah also appeared and restored Keys of the Priesthood.  We will visit the Visitors’ Center, the Newel K. Whitney home (where Joseph and Emma lived) and the Newel K. Whitney store (which included the School of the Prophets and where many revelations, including the Word of Wisdom, were received).  We will also visit the reconstructed Kirtland Schoolhouse, and the Kirtland Ashery, along with a reconstructed water-powered sawmill.  We will visit the Morley Farm where General Conference was held, the Father and the Son appeared, where missionaries were first sent from, and where the first High Priests of this dispensation were ordained. We will have a catered lunch at the Chaplin Forest Stone Quarry where much of the stone for the Kirtland Temple was obtained.


Kirtland Templenk-whitney-building
June 13: Today we will visit the Johnson Farm in Hiram, Ohio. It was here that Doctrine and Covenants Section 76 was received.  Joseph and Sidney saw the Celestial Kingdom, the Father and the Savior, and many other things in the upper room of this home.  This is a very sacred place.


 John Johnson Farm
June 14: Our love for America and an appreciation for the freedoms we enjoy will be enhanced as we spend the day in Washington DC.  We will learn about Heavenly Father’s purpose of establishing America for individual freedom and as a place where the gospel could be restored.  Today we will visit the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, the Lincoln Memorial, the Washington Memorial, war memorials, and the Smithsonian Institute Museums.  We will also visit the exterior of the White House, the Capitol Building, and the Supreme Court. White House1
June 15: Our day begins at the National Zoo in Washington DC.  We will also visit the Washington DC Temple and Visitors’ Center where we will have a special devotional.
June 16: Today we travel to Harmony, PA and the Susquehanna River.  It was here that the Priesthood was restored, several sections of the Doctrine and Covenants were received, and where most of the Book of Mormon was translated.  The new Priesthood Restoration Site was dedicated in September 2016.  The site now includes the Joseph and Emma Smith Home, the Isaac Hale Home, statues, historical markers, and a new Visitors’ Center.  After lunch, we will go to Watkins Glen State Park which includes hiking trails, cascading waterfalls, and the most picturesque views imaginable. We will then travel on to Fayette, NY where we will visit the Peter Whitmer Farm.  This is where the Church was officially organized.  It was also in Fayette that the Three Witnesses saw the angel and the plates.  Some of the Book of Mormon was also translated at the Whitmer Farm. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
June 17: We will spend a full day seeing the sites in Palmyra.  Our stops will include the Sacred Grove, the Smith Family Farm, the rebuilt log home where the Moroni visits took place, the Hill Cumorah, the Grandin Press (where the Book of Mormon was first published), the Martin Harris Farm, the Palmyra Cemetery, and the exterior of the Palmyra Temple.  Our discussions today will focus on the First Vision and the Book of Mormon. palmyra-kirtland-woods
June 18:  We fly home today from the Rochester, New York airport.


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Prices are per person, and are based on hotel room occupancy:

Quad Occupancy: $1,499
Triple Occupancy: $1,599
Double Occupancy: $1,799
(2 queen sized beds are in each hotel room)

Prices include deluxe chartered bus, all hotels, 3 meals per day, personal tour guides & historians, chaperons, materials & handouts, ground transportation for the airport, daily snacks & water, backpack, notebook & journal, and all entrance fees.  Price does not include airfare.  Please see below for airfare details.

Our Youth Church History Tour sells out very early.  By registering, and paying the initial payment of $300, your spot is secured on our trip.  The $300 is fully refundable until 90 days prior to departure.


My name is Tom Pettit and I am the owner of Living Heritage Tours.  I conduct Church History Tours several times each year.  Of all the tours I leads, the annual Youth Church History Tour is my absolute favorite one to do.  Since returning from my mission to Australia, I have spent the past 20 years teaching the gospel to youth and adults through church callings, church history tours, and speaking engagements.  I also share the gospel by teaching the events of the Restoration and by teaching the doctrine of the Latter-Day revelations at the actual sites where they took place!  However, my focus on this tour is not to just teach the history, but to help the tour participants draw closer to the Savior by applying the lessons learned from these historical events our own daily life.  I love church history because of the revealed truths, the clarity of God’s love for His children, and the inspiring stories of those early Saints.  You can hear me tell some of my favorite stories from Church History by checking out my YouTube channel.  You can also learn more about me and Living Heritage Tours by visiting the About Us page and also my Blog.

Testimonial: Click Here to read what past attendees have said about this tour!

Additional Information:  Please click here for additional Information Packet

Chaperones:  Our chaperones are usually recently returned sister missionaries who bring a contagious passion for the gospel to the tour. They are living proof that living the gospel can bring so much happiness into our lives.  They are anxious to share their testimonies, knowledge of the gospel, and their righteous examples with those who join the tour.

Attendees:  Although we do not have a minimum age requirement, the majority of attendees are High School Juniors, Seniors, and recently graduated students.

Roommates:  You are guaranteed to room with your friends or family members.  Just let us know who you want to room with and we will make sure it happens.  Many attendees come on their own.  We can help find 1, 2, or 3 roommates for you.  Each hotel room has 2 queen sized beds.  Roll away beds will not be available.

Booking Requirements:  A $300 payment, per person, is required to confirm your reservation.  The $300 is refundable until 90 days prior to departure when the remaining balance is due.

Terms and Conditions:  All rates are per person and are based on room occupancy.  Rates are for cash or check payments.  If you would like to make your final payment with a credit card, please add 3% for the bank’s credit card fee.

Airfare:  Listed prices do not include airfare.  We have established a group rate for those that would like to fly with the group from Salt Lake City.  Airfare is $499 round trip from/to Salt Lake City.  If you are departing from Salt Lake City, I can invoice you for the airfare.  If you are not flying with the group, please make sure to coordinate with Living Heritage Tours before booking your airfare to ensure that you arrive in Kansas City, Missouri on time, and so we can arrange to meet you at the Kansas City airport.

Additional Charges:  Advertised rates include deluxe chartered bus, all hotels, all meals, personal tour guides & historians, chaperons, materials & handouts, ground transportation for the airport in Kansas City and Rochester, daily snacks & water, and all entrance fees.  Price does not include airfare.  You may want to bring some money for incidentals and souvenirs.

Dietary Needs:  We will do all we can to help those with dietary needs. About two months prior to the tour, we will provide the daily menu which will include websites and phone numbers of all the places we will eat. This will give you a chance to determine what meals will work and what meals will not work. For those meals that won’t work, we will coordinate alternative meals. This takes some effort on everyone’s part, but we have been very successful at keeping everyone very well fed. Because of the extra expense for special ordered meals, a $50 charge will be added to the cost of the tour so these arrangements can be made for those that desire this assistance.

Families & Others:  We often have others outside the “youth” age range that want to join this tour.  That’s okay!  We have had parents and grandparents join past tours.  We’ve even had whole families join too.  The pace of the tour is designed for teenagers, and we relate the historical information and the scriptures to that age group.  If you fall outside the age range but you are alright with the pace and the focus of the messages, then contact us about joining the tour. (also, we eat like teenagers on this tour!)

Standards:  We expect that the principles taught in the For the Strength of Youth pamphlet will be followed by all attendees in regards to dress, language, and behavior.

YouTube:  Visit my YouTube channel to preview some of the topics discussed at each historical site, and to hear me tell some of my favorite stories from Church History.

Thank you for considering a Youth Church History Tour with Living Heritage Tours. We are very excited to help those that participate have an incredible experience that they will remember for the rest of their lives! Additional information can be found by clicking here.

While traveling on the bus, you will hear the history, personal accounts, and the stories of the events surrounding the restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ. By the time you return home, you will have heard the history of the Church from 1805 to 1846…while standing in the actual places the events took place!

After completing your registration, you will receive a Welcome Packet which will provide you with everything you will need to prepare for this upcoming tour. You may register for our tour online or by calling our office directly.