5 Things Every Single LDS Man Should Know

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The other night I was sitting with a group of women who were complaining about the dating scene.  They joked about how they wish men could be sent to a Man Camp where they could be trained on what a woman actually wants.  Their complaint, the same one I’ve heard from countless other groups of women, is they wish single LDS men could understand just a couple of simple concepts.  This may not be Man Camp, but here is the same short list which I’ve heard from so many woman before:

Opposites Actually Don’t Attract – What you’ve always been taught has always been wrong.  If the girl you think is a 10 thinks you are just a 6, you’ve got no chance.  Don’t you dare bring a 10 down to your level.  You’re not worth it.  Rather, man up, believe you are a 10, start acting like a 10, and then be that 10 your mom always thought you could be.  If you are content on being a 6, plan on attracting a 5.  Seriously, hanging out in gym shorts and staring at your phone is not going to get you anything.  Let’s be honest here, most women use all sorts of criteria points when determining where a man is on the 1-10 scale, so please don’t kid yourself into thinking that your physical appearance is somehow going to elevate you into the 10 category or keep you out of it.

Women Actually Want to Date – It may be difficult to believe at first but women actually want to go out on a date; like an old fashioned type date. Guess what Fellas, hanging out or “just chillin” doesn’t count.  Having your friend tag along with the two of you doesn’t count either.  Taking a woman on a date is actually pretty simple.  Here is what women want, and expect.  Anything less is just playing games.

1) Call her on the phone.  Don’t text her…ever.  You want to stand out from every other dude that is competing for her attention?  Then use the phone feature that came with your phone.  You’ll be the only one that does and you’ll be the only one she remembers.

2) Ask her out for a specific day and time.  Ever wonder why you can never grab the attention of your True Love even though you are constantly telling her, “we should get together sometime”?  The answer is simple, “sometime” is “no time” in her mind.

3) Have a plan.  The “date” is over the moment she gets in your car and you ask her what she wants to do.  Giving her 2-3 options to choose from is a step up, but still pretty lame. Remember Buddy from the movie Elf?  He finally gets the courage to ask the girl out and when they get together for the evening, she asks him what they are going to do.  He says, “I’ve got some ideas” and walks forward almost leaving her in the dust.  Be Buddy.

4) Attempt to be charming so she’ll want to go out again.  Don’t play the same post-date-mind-guessing games you played in high school.  Be a man and ask her out again via that phone/voice thing feature on your phone.

Chivalry Is Not Old Fashioned – The world would have you believe that women today want to be treated as equals to men.  I’ve never understood why the women of Earth want to be pulled down from the lofty pedestal we should place them on and be treated like one of the guys.  Chivalry is what she wants and it is surprisingly easy to perform:  hold the door for her (all doors), let her order first, say please, say thank you, talk about her not you, listen, walk next to her, leave your phone in your pocket, let her go first if you must walk single file, let her sit first, let her stand first, and attempt to show more interest in her then in your phone.

Spirituality Is Attractive – This goes back to wanting a 10 verses being a 10.  You want your Dream Girl but you also want to be cool with the guys and watch smutty movies, hang out late at night, skip church, and slack on your callings and responsibilities?  Think it’s not cool to do your home teaching?  It’s about as cool as losing out on the girl you’ve been trying to get to notice you now for months.  Regardless of how you look at a woman today, she is looking at you as a potential husband, father, and spiritual leader of a future family.  Is that a bit unfair?  Too bad, ’cause it’s true.  She notices your level of spirituality and just might be a better judge of where you stand on this then you do.  Again, if you want to attract a 10, you had better be a 10 and she has been dreaming of of her stalwart, tall dark and handsome, spiritual giant of a man since her early days of being a Beehive.

The Cup Runneth Over – Stop thinking that there is no one to date.  Today’s Single Mormon Woman is more attractive, more educated, more with-it, more spiritual, and more everything then ever before.  Many of you have done summer sales jobs.  Trust me, finding the Right One is way easier then door-to-door alarm sales, and so much more fun and enjoyable.  Put your RM skills to work and go find that Golden contact.

As Father Lehi counseled, “Arise from the dust, my sons, and be men!”

Tom Pettit

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