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Did I Not Speak Peace To Your Mind?

Pictured is the reconstructed home of Joseph and Emma Smith in Harmony, Pennsylvania. Joseph and Emma Smith moved from Palmyra, New York to Harmony, Pennsylvania to escape persecution. Joseph had been commanded to continue translating the plates, but the tasks of everyday life prevented the work from moving forward. Joseph asked the Lord to send […]

Moroni Appeared to 17 Different People!

The Savior’s words as recorded in Doctrine and Covenants 27: 5 said, “…Moroni, whom I have sent unto you to reveal the Book of Mormon, containing the fullness of my everlasting gospel, to whom I have committed the keys of the record of the stick of Ephraim”. Sixteen individuals have been identified through documented accounts […]

5 Things Every Single LDS Man Should Know – LDS Singles Church History Tour The other night I was sitting with a group of women who were complaining about the dating scene.  They joked about how they wish men could be sent to a Man Camp where they could be trained on what a woman actually wants.  Their complaint, the same one […]

Today’s Youth & The Stripling Warriors

The comparison of today’s youth to Helaman’s Stripling Warriors doesn’t quite work anymore! Prior to my mission in the late 90’s, I was often reminded by my church leaders of President Benson’s famous quote.  “You are a marked generation” we were told.  We were and we are.  We were also compared to the mighty Stripling […]

Priesthood Restoration Site

 KSL reported some exciting news this morning! (August 21, 2015) The renovation work being done at the Priesthood Restoration Site in Harmony, Pennsylvania is just about complete.  While leading several Church History Tours this past year, I have been able to keep my eye on the progress being made at this sacred spot.  What the Church has […]

First Miracle of the Restoration

One of the greatest miracles of the Restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ happened long before Joseph Smith received his vision of the Father and the Son in the Sacred Grove. Joseph Smith’s third great-grandfather settled in Topsfield, Massachusetts in the year 1638.  Five generations of the Smith family would live in Topsfield until […]

Faith During Tragedy at Rocky Ridge

Weak from hunger and exhaustion, members of the Willie company started from the base of Rocky Ridge early on the morning of October 23.  William and Jane James, along with their children, started a little bit later because William and his oldest son, 14-year-old Reuben, helped bury two people who had died the previous day. Soon […]