The Lost City of Gold

Fox News is reporting an ancient city found in Honduras.  They call it the ‘Lost City of Gold’.  Its existence has only been a legend for centuries.  The find mentions possible canals, roads, and building foundations.  All three features are mentioned in the Book of Mormon.  Non-believing scholars have long stated that the Book of Mormon is false since no canals, roads, or building foundations existed in Ancient Central America 2,000 years ago.

We know that the Nephites were farmers so they must have used some sort of irrigation system.    We know that they had a system of roads and highways (3 Nephi 6:8).  We also know that they also built structures with cement (Helaman 3:7).  The Nephites were a highly civilized and advanced civilization.  Critics have always claimed that the people of Ancient America were savage hunters and not as described in the Book of Mormon.  Now, 183 years after the coming forth of the Book of Mormon, the scientific world is finally catching up.

Our Book of Mormon cruise makes a stop in Roatan, Honduras.  Roatan is an island about 20 miles off the coast of Honduras.  Although we won’t see the ‘Lost City of Gold’ on our trip, we will visit several other amazing ancient cities.  While on board the cruise ship, we will discuss Book of Mormon geography and why it is believed that Honduras was part of the area where the Book of Mormon events took place.  Most importantly, we will discuss why learning the geography of the Book of Mormon is so important to understanding all of the messages found in the book, and how understanding Book of Mormon geography can help you in your everyday life.  See the topics which will be discussed on our Book of Mormon cruise by clicking here.

Tom Pettit


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