Amazing Find

CNN does a short report on the recent discovery of the ancient Mayan city Mirador in Guatemala.  This city is believed to be larger than the city of Los Angeles.  The Book of Mormon speaks of millions of people gathered in the lands where the Book of Mormon took place.  A city of this size would be necessary for the setting of the Book of Mormon and until October 2009, not even CNN knew about it — let alone a young farm boy from New York 183 years ago.


Check out the video at the 1:35 mark, then read Ether 1:3 and 2 Nephi 1:10.  Has CNN gone to a Jaredite or Nephite city?  They claim that the carved creation story dates to around 300 BC.  Based on what is known of Book of Mormon geography, I believe this city is too far south to be a Jaredite city.

Tom Pettit

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