Today’s Missionaries – Like the brother of Jared

The comparison of Mormon Missionaries and Helaman’s Stripling Warriors doesn’t quite work anymore! Prior to my mission in the late 90’s, I was often reminded by my church leaders of President Benson’s famous quote.  “You are a marked generation” we … Continued

After all that we can do…

How often do you feel like you are just not cutting it?  Have you ever felt like you are not doing enough, or not meeting the expectations of others?  Perhaps you feel a bit like Nephi from the Book of … Continued

The Lost City of Gold

Fox News is reporting an ancient city found in Honduras.  They call it the ‘Lost City of Gold’.  Its existence has only been a legend for centuries.  The find mentions possible canals, roads, and building foundations.  All three features are … Continued

Amazing Find

CNN does a short report on the recent discovery of the ancient Mayan city Mirador in Guatemala.  This city is believed to be larger than the city of Los Angeles.  The Book of Mormon speaks of millions of people gathered … Continued

Temple of the Descending God

One of the stops we make while on the Book of Mormon cruise is at the ruins of Tulum, Mexico.  These ruins offer some of the most spectacular views of any ruin site since these ruins sit on top of high … Continued

Alma went to Melek…that’s a big deal for us!

I am in the middle of developing a lot of information that answers the question, ‘Does understanding the Book of Mormon geography really matter?’  The short answer is Yes!  It matters because Mormon used geography to help tell his whole … Continued